Sunset Specialty Ground Covers started growing ornamental peanut for use in the landscape over 15 years ago. We have done plantings all over the Southeast and the Bahamas. We carry 4 varieties – 3 that are “rhizome” and one that is stoloniferous. The rhizome variety is very drought tolerant and requires low nutrients. It does well in full sun. The stoloniferous variety “Golden Glory” is not drought tolerant and does better in the shade under irrigation. Having the right plant in the right location is key to it’s health and beauty.


Ornamental Peanut

Ornamental Peanut is an attractive, low-maintenance groundcover, that blooms bright yellow flowers from spring to first frost. This drought-tolerant, hardy perennial requires no supplemental water after it is established. It is in the peanut family, thus it makes its own nitrogen. This eliminates the need of nitrogen fertilizers. It has no known pests or disease which makes it an excellent ground cover of choice!

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Common Name Botanical Name Hardiness Mature Height & Spread Classification Landscape Use Characteristics
Ornamental Peanut Arachis Glabrata Zones 8B-11 6 inches tall Ground Cover Flowering ground cover, turf replacement Good ground cover for well-drained soil in a sunny area that tolerates mowing. Bears yellow flowers during late spring, summer and fall.

Available Sizes

4″ pot / 18″ flat
One Gallon
150 Sq. Ft. Rolls (30” x 60’)



Needlepoint ornamental peanut has a beautiful spear-shaped leaf that resembles a grass blade. It has a deep masters green and yellow-orange blooms. It is excellent for turf replacement or for a more manicured landscaped area. It reaches 6″ in height and can be mowed. Needlepoint is excellent for erosion control.


Ecoturf has a tear-shaped kelly green leaf. It is an excellent groundcover for low maintenance areas. It needs to be mowed as little as twice a year. It is ideal for golf courses, parking lot medians as well as borders in the landscape. It spreads 5 -7″ each year which make it non-invasive.

Waxy Leaf

Waxy Leaf has large tear-shaped shiny leaf with orange blooms. It grows taller and bushier and is excellent for low maintenance areas. It can be mowed as little as twice a year. This is used in areas where more leaf texture is needed in the landscape.

Repens Golden Glory)

Repens Golden Glory is the stoloniferous variety. This has a light green tear-shaped leaf with lemon yellow bloons. This variety grows along the ground and requires no mowing. It spreads 12-15″ per year. Repens tolerates shade and wet areas. It requires additional fertilizer because it is not the rhozomal variety.